How to install CliMetLab?

pip install climetlab

See the installing instructions for more details.

How to access data?

There are two ways to access data using CliMetLab:

  • Using a Dataset: CliMetLab provides a few demo datasets. In order to access other datasets with cml.load_dataset(), the relevant plugin must be installed.

  • Using a data Source: A data Source allows loading various kinds of data format and location through cml.load_source(). Data sources should be used when there is no dataset plugin for the data you are interested in.

How to help others to use my data ?

Creating a CliMetLab plugin can be a solution to share some code along with the dataset that you are publishing/using. See the plugin documentation.

How to set up my cache directory ?

See Caching.

How to share my cache directory with another user ?

It is not recommended to share your cache with others. What you are looking for may be a mirror. This feature is not implemented yet.


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