List of CliMetLab plugins


This list is not exhaustive. Some plugins are not listed here because we are not aware of them or because they are for internal use only, or not ready to be shared.

If you would like a plugin to be added in this list, please submit a pull request to CliMetLab or open an issue on github.

Dataset plugins

Installing a dataset plugin, allows using an additional dataset in cml.load_dataset.

  • climetlab-demo-dataset: Demo plugin to illustrate to dataset plugin mechanism. build status

    Dataset provided: demo-dataset

Drafts Dataset Plugins

  • climetlab-meteonet: Meteonet dataset developed by Météo-France.

Source plugins

Installing a source plugin, allows using an additional source in cml.load_source.

  • google-drive build status

    Access public files in Google Drive with cml.load_source("google-drive", file_id="...")

Drafts Source Plugins

  • stvl build status

    Access data the STVL database with cml.load_source("stvl", ...)